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Pete Davidson, Kate Beckinsale public smooch fuels dating rumors

Mon, 03/04/2019 - 19:20

Sunday morning, surrounded by the smell of Long Island breath and Bud Light, Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale shared tongues during a Rangers game at MSG. Rumors have floated around that Davidson and Beckinsale were dating since the 2019 Golden Globes Netflix afterparty in January, where they got cozy and were seen leaving together.

There’ve been several sightings of the pair in the last two months. Beckinsale accompanied the Saturday Night Live star to Largo, a comedy venue in Los Angeles, on February 2. People noticed them holding hands while leaving.

Kate Beckinsale moves in on SNL star

Over the weekend, Beckinsale attended an SNL afterparty with Davidson wrapped in a colorful puffy jacket. On Sunday, they attended the Rangers game where they slammed lips in front of everyone—right next to Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye. Though previous sightings show the couple holding hands, this is the first time the couple displayed this level of…affection.

Fans of both Davidson and Beckinsale were confused as to how they got together. Many, like Perez Hilton, felt awkward with the amount of PDA. In a tweet, Hilton said, “Really identifying with Antoni at the moment #ThirdWheelIsNoFun”

Beckinsale has a taste for younger men. Before Davidson, she was linked to comedians Matt Rife, who is 22 years her junior, and Jack Whitehall, 30. Davidson, 25, is six years older than Beckinsale’s daughter, Lily.

Pete Davidson to Ariana Grande: thank u, next?

Davidson and Beckinsale began dating just two months after his engagement ended with pop star Ariana Grande. Grande has not acknowledged Davidson’s new romantic interest on social media as she prepeares for her “thank u, next” tour in the coming weeks. Grande named Davidson in the song “thank u, next” which talks about moving on from her exes—and it seems he is taking her advice.

Really identifying with Antoni at the moment

Stormy Daniels upset a lot of comedians with comedy club gig

Mon, 03/04/2019 - 14:55

Stormy Daniels made waves after announcing a headlining gig at Joke Joint Comedy Showcase in Houston. Comedians nationwide took offense to Daniels, who likely has never done a comedy open mic in her life, headlining a comedy club on name recognition alone.

But here’s the rub: porn stars have been headlining comedy shows for years. Bree Olson made a web series, Bree Does Comedy, about an adult film star that becomes a stand-up. Sovereign Syre made a name for herself as a dual-action comedian and porn star. Ron Jeremy does a surprising number of club sets.

The prevalence of porn stars getting up onstage makes the backlash to Stormy Daniels doing stand-up only more confusing because this isn’t a new phenomenon.

Earlier this week, Laurie Kilmartin tweeted “Doing standup is not a reward for being famous. Please leave the weekend gigs for actual female comics,” in response to Daniel’s Tour Manager, Dwayne Crawford, announcing her first stand-up show in Texas. While Kilmartin says to “leave the weekends” for actual comics, the show is an independently-produced one-nighter on a Wednesday.

Doing standup is not a reward for being famous. Please leave the weekend gigs for actual female comics. https://t.co/nR6YExAZ5d

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16) March 3, 2019

Daniels clapped back saying that she has been writing material “for over 10 years” and that insinuated she should critique Kilmartin’s oral sex skills.

Wow!So supportive. I AM an “actual female” but I’ll never get women who just tear other women down& I know it’s not a “reward”. I’ve been writing comedy material for over 10yrs.Would you like me to critique your bj skills?Your whole foot fits in your mouth so you’ll prob do great https://t.co/HQt2FCu3sE

— Stormy Daniels (@StormyDaniels) March 3, 2019

While her clapback is wonderful, it misses a specific point. Kilmartin says, “Doing stand-up is not a reward for being famous.” Maybe it should be.

Or, at the very least, more famous people should try stand-up.

Comedy is an art form like singing or acting.

As a culture, we usually don’t get mad at actors when they try to sing. We make fun of them if they are bad, but we don’t try to bar them from trying it. We often even encourage it. Everyone can’t stop praising Bradley Cooper for singing in A Star Is Born. The same goes with singers acting—Cher won a damn Oscar.

Stand-up comedy is an art. We often act like it is not, but performing on stage, no matter what you are doing, is a type of performance art. Just like dancing or singing or acting (or stripping). We applaud celebrities who can dance and sing and act. We call them triple threats. Why can’t there be a fourth threat: comedy?

Comedy isn’t seen as a skill and as an art because we don’t treat it like one. We treat comedians as a type of people and not people who are doing a skill. By this viewpoint, people like Daniels should not do comedy because she is ‘not a comedian.’ But what makes someone a comedian? If it is just pursing and doing stand-up, then she is one.

Is Stormy Daniels a comedian?

The line between comedian and civilian isn’t a clear one. There is a feeling that someone needs to have started from nothing and put in work, but that notion is dated and rings a little false. There are a million ways to start doing stand-up, especially in today’s world. The only thing that all good comedians share is working on their craft and there are a million different ways to do that, too.

Daniels isn’t showing up at open mics, but can you blame her? Imagine what open mikers would say if she did. Doing a show is how she is working on her jokes. The first time, things might not be funny. Like all other comics, she will work it out on stage.

Crawford posted a tweet in Daniels’s defense equating telling her she can’t do stand-up would be like her telling them they can’t have sex.

Having amateur comedians tell @StormyDaniels that she can’t do stand up is like her telling them they can’t have sex. She’s been a writer longer than most of you, get over yourselves. #LieDownComedy #StandUpComedy #ComediansAreSensitive

— Dwayne Crawford (@dwaynejcrawford) March 4, 2019

Stormy Daniels could actually help comedy.

There is something really important to that. You can’t own an art. There are no walls barring entry to those who want to try an art form. Nothing is stopping me as a writer to make a porn tomorrow. Jim Carrey is painting. Rob McElhenney can learn to dance. Jack Black can sing the National Anthem. We don’t care about comedians doing other types of art because we don’t think of those types of arts as an identity.

Comedians have to realize “comedian” is not an identity—it is an art form. It is the only way for comedians to be taken more seriously and seen as artists. It is hard to legitimize an identity the same way we legitimize a career or an art form. However, if it isn’t an identity, we have to get over people who didn’t start stand-up by doing a million open mics.

Stormy Daniels is probably funnier than everyone who has ever taken a class at UCB

— Jake Flores (@feraljokes) March 4, 2019

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New Conan O’Brien podcast goes ‘inside Conan’…without Conan

Mon, 03/04/2019 - 13:36

Conan O’Brien expanded his Team Coco content over the weekend with a new behind-the-scenes podcast. Inside Conan: An Important Hollywood Podcast debuted last Friday. The new podcast is already number five on the iTunes US comedy podcast rankings as of this writing.

Inside Conan is co-hosted by two writers and producers from O’Brien’s half-hour late-night show, Conan. The podcast takes listeners “behind the pompadour” to explore “petty office dramas,” “hot celebrity green room gossip,” and “salacious stories behind” the highlights.

Conan writers lead new Conan O’Brien podcast

Every week, Mike Sweeney and Jessie Gaskell will share what it is like to work on the show. Sweeney has written for Conan for 24 years and “spent more time with Conan than his wife.” Gaskell has written for the show for five years. It’s worth noting that O’Brien is not an actual host on Inside Conan.

In a three-minute teaser episode, the writers said that they will reveal the inner-workings “behind the orange curtain.” Special insights could include how to get the correct almond milk for Tom Hanks, how talent producers “wrangle the celebrity cats,” and generally how the “late night sausage gets made.”

The podcast’s first 47-minute long episode featured guests Ben Sinclair, Jordan Schlansky, and Jose Arroyo. Schlansky is an Associate Producer for the show and Arroyo is a writer. The Team Coco crew discussed writer regrets and sections of Conan that fell flat. The podcast also included an unaired clip of O’Brien talking to Sinclair who created High Maintenance on HBO.

Team Coco ups podcast output

Conan began hosting his own podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, in November. That podcast is “a weekly opportunity for Conan to hang out with the people he enjoys most and perhaps find some real friendship along the way.” Within just a few months, O’Brien has already had intimate conversations with notable guests such as Adam Sandler, Bill Burr, Will Ferrell, Marc Maron, and Stephen Colbert.

O’Brien released a five-minute long teaser episode to describe the new podcast. He explained that the writers are “brutally honest” about his everyday life and will probably talk about his “humiliating” “foibles.”

Conan fans can listen to the new podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

ICYMI: “Inside Conan: An Important Hollywood Podcast” is a new and disgusting-sounding podcast that takes listeners behind the scenes at #CONAN. Listen @ https://t.co/bEuZSws4sL pic.twitter.com/XtduDJPwxE

— Team Coco (@TeamCoco) March 3, 2019

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John Mulaney’s SNL throwback photos give behind-the-scenes glimpse

Mon, 03/04/2019 - 10:00

John Mulaney got sentimental leading up to his SNL return Saturday night. Last week, Mulaney started posting pictures from his old Saturday Night Live days—and it is as charming as you would think it would be.

SNL ratings rise with John Mulaney as host

The Big Mouth star wrote for SNL for six seasons after auditioning for the show in 2008. Mulaney hosted the show for the first time last year and having him back on the show so quickly turned out to be a smart move. Saturday night’s episode delivered the second-highest ratings of the season, tying the Halsey-hosted episode from February. In fact, SNL was the #1 telecast of the night on broadcast television.

The ratings might have come from Mulaney’s promotion in the week leading up to the show. He posted photos that showed snippets of his time writing for SNL. In one photo, he slumps at his desk during a late night writing session with Andy Samberg.

Writing with Andy Samberg@nbcsnl 2011 pic.twitter.com/yP0FHAKXrs

— John Mulaney (@mulaney) March 2, 2019

Mulaney is one of only three former SNL writers who came back to host. The other two are Larry David and Conan O’Brien. Mulaney shared a photo with David backstage for the 40th anniversary of the show.

Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary rehearsal with @JerrySeinfeld & Larry David. JERRY: “Larry, you goin to the after party?”
LARRY: “No.”
February 15, 2015 pic.twitter.com/ZOSEV3i1M4

— John Mulaney (@mulaney) March 1, 2019

The morning after Mulaney’s second SNL hosting gig, he tweeted a photo explaining the origins of that wild toilet bowl commercial. Apparently, Mulaney’s been trying to get Lorne’s approval for the sketch since 2009.

Simon Rich and Marika Sawyer and I wrote together every week for four years. In 2009 we wrote “Toilet Death Ejector.” It was cut twice. Here’s us in 2019 (with a chimp puppet) We wrote Whats That Name and brought it back tonight too. They’re the greatest friends and writers ever. pic.twitter.com/KzQFRst1Cy

— John Mulaney (@mulaney) March 3, 2019

John Mulaney hypes hosting gig with throwback photos

Mulaney also shared photos of when he was pulled out of the writers’ room to be used as a stock photo model for sketches—even if his face didn’t make it into the show.

“Rowboat” was a band mentioned once in one sketch but they needed a photo. Me @ColinJost @ShutupLutz and Kenan Thompson obliged. 2008. pic.twitter.com/CPMELiAOcx

— John Mulaney (@mulaney) March 2, 2019

One commenter revealed that Will Forte replaced him in the final version of a ‘graduation’ shot.

this photo was taken for an SNL sketch that I don’t recall but it’s very possible I was used as a stand in to have someone else photoshopped over me. 2009-2011? pic.twitter.com/zLUMLPLNzj

— John Mulaney (@mulaney) March 1, 2019

Mulaney also retweeted an SNL video explaining one of the fan favorite sketches from when he hosted in 2018.


Saturday Night Live recap: John Mulaney should always host SNL

Sun, 03/03/2019 - 12:47

John Mulaney is great and this week he made Saturday Night Live great. After spending six seasons as a writer, Mulaney is very at home at Studio 8H. He was wonderful when he hosted SNL last April and the Big Mouth star is always a treat when he pops back in (for example, to review The Mule). Mulaney really elevates SNL whenever he comes back and, while there were some misfires on this week’s show, his energy and commitment set the gold standard for hosts. As always, Laughspin is breaking down what you need to watch (and what you can skip) with our SNL Star scale!

SNL Cold Open

This week’s cold open was simply too long. Clocking in at almost 10 minutes, this sketch feels even longer than that. While it has its moments, the cold open is more star-studded than it is funny. Ben Stiller and Bill Hader appear as Michael Cohen and Jim Jordan, respectively, during last week’s Michael Cohen testimony. Kate McKinnon is also funny in this sketch, but she comes in so late that you will already be asking yourself, “When is this thing over?”

John Mulaney SNL Monologue

Much like the cold open, Mulaney’s monologue was lengthy for SNL—but it was great. Mulaney did a tight eight minutes of stand-up that will leave you thinking, “Why doesn’t a comedian always host this show?” Honestly, Mulaney should host every week. He is such a great stand-up, we named his 2018 Netflix special, Kid Gorgeous, the sixth-best special of the year!

Chad Horror Movie

Chad is one of those characters that the SNL writers use often. If someone isn’t falling in love with him, he’s learning a new truth about himself. The character has never had much to say by design, making it important that the other person in the scene is funny and engaging. This sketch is just ok, but Mulaney’s knock-off Scream character makes this sketch. Without him, this Chad sketch would be less than okay. Even with him, it’s average in the myriad of Chad sketches.

What’s That Name?

Hader’s return sees him reprise his role in this iconic game show. SNL does a lot of game show bits, but What’s That Name? is one of the more remembered ones of the past decade. A lot of that has to do with Hader. The feminist take and end of this sketch make it better than the original What’s That Name? from five years ago.

Bodega Toilet

This is the spiritual sequel to Diner Lobster. However, this one doesn’t capture the magic of the original Diner Lobster sketch. Part of the reason this sketch doesn’t work as well as the first one is, while every diner has lobster on the menu, New Yorkers know that bodegas don’t have bathrooms. If you ask for a bathroom at a bodega, they will usually say they don’t have one—even if you watch someone leave the bathroom as you’re told this. Also, the music is not as good as the original. While the sketch is funny, it doesn’t do a good enough job as a follow up to hold it’s six-minute run time.

Legal Shark Tank

Legal Shark Tank is actually a great pitch for a real show. However, this sketch suffers from some issues. One is an interstitial of Celino & Barnes. Not only is the reference super New York-specific, but it doesn’t really fit into the rest of the sketch. The other issue with this sketch is the editing. No one watches SNL for the editing and, usually, it isn’t something you would even think about. However, the editing of this sketch is distracting. The best editing goes unnoticed, but when it is bad, it really detracts from the sketch.

Toilet Death Ejector

It is surprising that they hired real elderly people for this sketch, but the rest is a typical SNL parody commercial. The physical comedy really makes this one hilarious. It is one of two toilet sketches in this episode and, while the other one will get more attention, this is the funnier one.

SNL Weekend Update

The best part of this week’s shorter-than-usual Weekend Update is McKinnon and Aidy Bryant’s strange meat joke. Their characters own a farm. When they come out with a box of meat, everyone breaks. It can be annoying when cast members break too much, but seeing McKinnon break feels like a treat.

To Have and Have Not

This reviewer has seen the film To Have and Have Not, but it is unclear if this sketch is funny without seeing the original film. The only real joke here is the Lauren Bacall character, played by McKinnon, doesn’t know how to whistle. It is hysterical, but you might need to have seen the original scene to get the context of this sketch. Especially since some parts are shot-for-shot.

Cha Cha Slide

This sketch is haunting. What does it mean? Are the greater social implications and commentary going unstated? What is happening in this sketch? You will find yourself asking all these questions, but more importantly, you will be laughing. There is so much going on in this final sketch of the night, but at its base level, it is Mulaney dancing at an all-black wedding. How could that not be hilarious?

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Late night round-up: Mo Welch, Colin Quinn

Fri, 03/01/2019 - 19:34

Not a lot of stand-up on the late night shows this week. Mo Welch made a solid late night stand-up debut on Conan where she reminds everyone how weird it is to be from Normal, Illinois. Certainly worth a watch. Colin Quinn popped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week. Quinn did not do any stand-up, but he did give us a taste of his new one-man show Red State Blue State. From a couch, he gives some examples of how this country got so polarized. We tossed it into our round-up this week so you had a little more to watch while figuring out an excuse to not go out this weekend.

And, hey, if this wasn’t enough for you, go check out our other late night round-ups.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Late Night with Seth Meyers Late Show with Stephen Colbert Late Late Show with James Corden Jimmy Kimmel Live! Conan

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Bill Maher PETA video attacks Canada Goose-wearing “hipster douches”

Fri, 03/01/2019 - 18:56

Bill Maher has a new rule: Don’t be that person wearing Canada Goose. In a special New Rules segment for PETA, Maher calls out “hipster douches” and “hipsterazzis” who insist on wearing jackets sporting the fur and feathers of tortured coyotes and geese.

“New rule: No more douches. I mean the hipster douches who piss away $1,000 on a Canada Goose parka and the hipsterazzi who max out their credit cards to look like them,” Maher states.

The HBO host informs viewers that, in order to make the fur-lined hoods, trappers crush and mangle coyotes in steel traps that are so painful and indiscriminate that they’re banned in more than 85 countries. Maher says of the jackets, “But this shitty outfit isn’t content to kill coyotes. It stuffs its jackets with the down feathers of geese it also murders. Referencing a disturbing video PETA says was shot at a Canada Goose down supplier, Maher says, “They’re grabbed by the neck, stepped on, and crammed into crates so crowded they make clown cars look like Cadillacs.”

“Don’t wear Canada Goose, “ Maher prompts. “Only a douche does that.”

Bill Maher continues tango with controversies

Maher’s video is part of a larger PETA campaign to inform consumers about Canada Goose. This isn’t the first time that the Real Time host has called out injustice. From golden retrievers being bred to develop muscular dystrophy to the deer being hunted at his alma mater, Cornell University, Maher rarely shies away from speaking out.

Though Maher tells his audience not to be a douche, the Religulous star is frequently at the center of controversy himself. People on both sides of the political aisle have taken offense at things said on the perennially Emmy-nominated talk show. Liberals have not appreciated his attack on social justice warriors and conservatives still supporting President Donald Trump do not take kindly to his constant criticisms of the current administration.

Canada Goose vs. PETA battle continues

Canada Goose has stated it doesn’t believe trapping is inherently cruel. “We believe all animals are entitled to humane treatment in life and death, and we are deeply committed to the ethical sourcing and responsible use of all animal materials in our products,” reads a statement on the company website.

PETA has been campaigning against Canada Goose and other wild animal exploitation. The company states, “We do not condone any willful mistreatment, neglect or acts that maliciously cause animals undue suffering.” Canada Goose says it recognizes the option to wear fur as a “personal choice” and that they respect that.

Maher’s video sheds light on the unlawful mistreatment of animals for vanity purposes. He ends the segment saying, “Moral of the story: don’t be that person who wears the fur and feathers of tortured animals. You won’t look cool—you’ll look cold.”

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John Mulaney is really bad at SNL auditions in promo video

Fri, 03/01/2019 - 17:33

John Mulaney returns to Saturday Night Live this weekend to host for a second time. On Wednesday, the show released a promo video in which the Kid Gorgeous comedian reveals that he auditioned to appear on the Saturday night sketch show 44 times. This may be an exaggeration.

Viewers are treated to a compilation of auditions spanning from the Not Ready For Prime Time Players days to a 2004 trial of celebrity impressions. In his first ‘audition’, the Big Mouth star states, “This is my first, and I assume, only audition,” before rattling off an awful mix of celebrity impressions in an attempt to impress Lorne Michaels.

The SNL promo goes on to feature impressions of John Travolta in Lord of the Rings, Barbra Streisand doing Jaws, and an original bit, The Brunch Club.

Kenan Thompson: John Mulaney is ageless.

SNL cast members Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson try to help Mulaney with his auditions but to no avail. Thompson says of the comedian’s numerous auditions over the span of several decades, “He never seems to age. I mean, he’s either, like, a fresh 31 or a stale 76.”

In the end, Mulaney says that eventually, Michaels pulled him aside. “We don’t need whatever it is you are.”

Having hosted once before in 2018, Mulaney was originally hired as a writer back in 2008. Mulaney says of this week’s show, “I think if I host well for a second time, I’m gonna get another audition.”

John Mulaney a busy star after SNL

Mulaney is a busy guy these days. The Emmy Award-winning writer and prolific stand-up comedian made the Laughspin top 20 stand-up specials list with his Netflix special Kid Gorgeous. He and friend Nick Kroll wrote and starred in a hit Broadway play Oh, Hello—now available on Netflix—and the two created a sex education sensation with their animated series Big Mouth, also on Netflix. After starring in the Oscar-winning Marvel movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Mulaney still has time to go on tour with/keep an eye on SNL’s Pete Davidson.

Saturday Night Live returns March 2 with musical guest singer/songwriter Thomas Rhett.

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