Obligatory first blog entry

An uninteresting title, to be sure, to match an equally uninteresting post. Although I am the author, I'd like to absolve myself of any blame on the lame first entry regard. Truthfully, I don't think the first of any blog entries is intended to function as a ground-shaking, Earth-altering piece of news, on any front. (With the only possible exceptions being the big time news blogs, and anything written by Jessica Cutler.)

Dear readers - if, in fact, you are out there and ready to tackle a challenge more vast than Tetris - I do hereby promise to update regularly, with both news items about myself and my work, as well as introspective, thoughtful pieces on culture at large and my subsequent reactions to what's happening in the world. (Also, plenty more pretentiousness on the way!)

Time to prepare for the family's holiday party. Let the alcohol consumption and emotional abuse begin!

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