Energy without an outlet

I want to draw; create art – but I don't know what. I want to compose some work of writing, but a subject matter eludes me. Creative friction is a concourse that constantly runs through the veins of the right-brained, but stripped of an outlet for release, this friction can be the source of much frustration, and even a saturated sense of helplessness.

I've thought a lot about this blog – my goals for it, what its entries should consist of, whether there are actually any interested parties out there who will participate in the reading aspect. (Or even if I should pay heed to the presence/lack of an audience.) I feel like it's something I would like to allow space to grow organically – to be the unexpected secret someone stumbles upon late on a Thursday night while surfing the Web in a state of boredom. Despite carrying the self-promotional skills of a career politician or an ultra-needy comedic type (which, I guess, is exactly what I am), I simply cannot bring myself to repeatedly link or post elsewhere, via the tubes of social networking, in an effort to cultivate readers and draw attention away from issues that might, I dunno, actually matter more prominently to the world.

This is not, of course, to say that I believe those who visit Emmazon Nation might otherwise be delving deep into The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. I like to think of myself as a deep, profoundly-inclined individual, but as a journalist and pop culture-itarian, I cannot deny that I thrive in the business of frivolity.

Admittedly, it's also rather difficult to sum up motivation and ambition to produce art (or, perhaps, "art") when set free of the confines of deadline, specific topics and subject matter. Naturally, the promise of monetary compensation for slapping alphabetical keys with the tips of the digits into some kind of legible order is also a sufficiently motivating factor to keep one productive, and since there's no money to be found in my blogging, it's often hard to dredge up the gusto to take such mitigating factors into my own hands.

That said, I will try to maintain this thing with some degree of regularity. If not for my own sake, then certainly for the just cause of creating less Web space for dogs on skateboards.

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