John Edwards is a horrible, horrible human being

The shame of my college sophomore crush is burning like syphilis.

But still, this stuff is juicy. And as drama addict, I can't turn away.

Yes, I feel terrible for Elizabeth Edwards. We all feel terrible for Elizabeth Edwards. (Except, perhaps, for John Edwards, who likely only feels terrible for himself.) But, as a writer in imminent danger of falling back on a lazy cliche, you can't write this stuff. This scandal really has it all: sex, lies, videotape, and cancer. There's even a love child, for heaven's sake! Between all that and the crispy, overfried Jersey-centric hair of Rielle Hunter, this whole thing is just begging to be made into some kind of movie. Perhaps the script will never transcend the bounds of made-for-TV, but there's still a lot of backstabbing and friction to look forward to. Best case scenario: HBO. Worst: TNT.

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