This is the lull between identities

...and I'm not sure how comfortable I fit into it.

Yes, the concept is overly pretentious, but it carries the dual standard of being overly accurate, too. What am I to do while one opportunity fizzles away as a plethora of others dangle uncertainly in the ether?

Why, blog, of course! And more importantly, shove the ambiguity up the ass of the Internet. I've been neglectful, dear Emmazon Nation, as frequently happens with consistent journaling and my failing ability to keep up with it. I've been traveling a lot, manuvering my individual fitting around, trying to figure out exactly where I belong or what I should be planning for next. A lot of things need to fall into place at the moment, and I fear I might have exhausted my ability to prod and perpetuate these things into a state of being.

Sigh. Don't worry. Tomorrow I'll talk about The Tudors.

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