Not so happy Anne-versary

19, May, 1536. A day that will live in infammy, as evidenced by its continued recognition 476 years following those monumental events. A queen of England was executed on this day - an unprecedented blow struck in the face (or neck, rather) of women seeking and holding power, in an era less than reconciled to this very notion.

Queen Anne Boleyn resolved, in her death speech, to speak nothing against the judgement that had brought her to her knees, and so I will do the same. For Anne fans like me, the 19th of May is instead the opportunity to commemorate her life and memory; to mourn the loss of so incredible a person while holding her closer; gone but never forgotten, not even by millions of proceeding generations.

I don't think I could possibly sculpt adequate words out of what Anne's memory means to me. Perhaps my dear friend Jess puts it most succinctly: "it's a celebration of her LIFE because you know a little part of that bad ass bitch is in each one of us." Instead, I leave you with what her last day in the mortal realm may have resembled - her strength and stoicism held in the capable hands of Natalie Dormer. Below, too, are some sources you might find to be interesting reading, put forth by authors who do far more justice to this breathtaking subject matter than I ever could.

God save Queen Anne!


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