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I guess just calling it "Wednesday" wouldn't have gotten people's attention

Late night movie recommendation: Humpday.

Source: tribute.ca.

It's thinking girl's smut.

You're a virgin who can't drive

You know what movie still rocks? Clueless.

I find it rather hard to comprehend that there are current tenth graders the same age as it.

Energy without an outlet

I want to draw; create art – but I don't know what. I want to compose some work of writing, but a subject matter eludes me. Creative friction is a concourse that constantly runs through the veins of the right-brained, but stripped of an outlet for release, this friction can be the source of much frustration, and even a saturated sense of helplessness.

Back in the babysitting sack

A mere 48 hours have eclipsed, and 2010 is already kicking an unprecedented amount of ass. After a decade on the literary sidelines, the exquisite members of the Baby-sitters Club are back in action, according to Jezebel.

I have officially entered the blogosphere

In other news, it's suddenly become the year 2002!

There's nothing about my foray into the sphere of the blog that's earth-shattering, to be fair, but after at least six attempted (and, needless to say, failed) blog efforts, this is the one I intend to represent my professional self, my character in and around the Internets, and my rising writing star.

Ok, you can stop barfing now. Just read on, and deflate my ego, whenever necessary. I liked me better as a hopeless, insecure neurotic, anyway.

Obligatory first blog entry

An uninteresting title, to be sure, to match an equally uninteresting post. Although I am the author, I'd like to absolve myself of any blame on the lame first entry regard. Truthfully, I don't think the first of any blog entries is intended to function as a ground-shaking, Earth-altering piece of news, on any front. (With the only possible exceptions being the big time news blogs, and anything written by Jessica Cutler.)

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