Bitch Flicks:


  • Daria's Back! - My first piece in Bust (well, on their website, at least) on the release of the Daria DVD. (Published 5/11/2010)


Lansing City Pulse:

  • Put to the 'Jest' - A theatre column about the BoarsHead Theater. (Published 9/16).
  • Alt-drama explosion - A theatre column previewing the Renegade Theater Festival. (Published 8/19).
  • Horsing Around - A theatre column previewing Thunderhoof and the Prince. (Published 8/12).
  • Isn't he Grand? - A theatre column previewing a new Shakespeare theatre company. (Published 7/29).

In The Fray:

  • District of Despair - Personal essay on trying (and failing) to visit Washington, DC on numerous occasions. (Published 7/6/2008).


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