Real Detroit Weekly

  • Cinematic Titanic - Story on the new project from the MST3K peeps. (Published 2/17/2010).
  • Young Frankenstein - Story on the hit Broadway adaptation of Mel Brooks' movie classic. (Published 2/17/2010).
  • Cirque du Soleil - Piece on (what else?) the tricked out French circus. (Published 2/3/2010).
  • Winter Drinks - Alcohol to warm you in the winter. (Published 1/19/2010).
  • Painting the Town Fem - First in a "girl's night out" series; this one about Stagecrafters' production of The Full Monty. (Published 1/13/2010).
  • Illusions of Grandeur - Piece on An Evening of Illusions drag show at the Magic Stick. (Published 1/6/2010).
  • Veggies Say Moo - Interview with Michele "Moo Moo" Rastelli, founder of Moo Moo's Vegetarian Cuisine. (Published 1/6/2010).
  • Diary of a Mad Elf-Man - Story on The Santaland Diaries play from Who Wants Cake theatre company. (Published 12/9/2009).
  • 6 Drink Slam - Drink review of specialty beverages at Liquor Store in Novi. (Published 11/25/2009).
  • Mike Young - Story on comedian Mike Young and the Young American Comedy Tour. (Published 11/17/2009).
  • DJ Vice - Interview with DJ Vice. (Published 11/17/2009).
  • Kick out the Rail Jams - Winter-themed piece on rail jam event at Modern Skate and Surf. (Published 11/11/2009).
  • Loni Love - Interview with comedian Loni Love. (Published 11/4/2009).
  • Bill Borenstein - Interview with Bill Borenstein, event promoter at Motor City Casino. (Published 10/7/2009).
  • Bill Maher - Interview with Bill Maher; self-explanatory. (Published 10/7/2009).
  • Lady Bree - Story on a Michigan Renaissance Festival devotee. (Published 9/30/2009).
  • A City in Transit - First in a series on the development of public transit in Detroit. (Published 9/30/2009).
  • Norm MacDonald - Interview with Norm MacDonald; also self-explanatory. (Published 9/30/2009).
  • Pure Michigan at its Purest - Story on Sweet Lorrain's restaurant and the importance of using Michigan-made products. (Published 9/16/2009).
  • Russell Industrial Center - Overview on the Russell Industrial Center, the hub of Detroit's artistic community. (Published 8/26/2009).
  • Wonder Women of Detroit - Piece on the Wonder Women of Detroit, a local ass-kicking collective for Detroit's female artists. (Published 8/19/2009).
  • Actors Loft - Story on the Actors Loft, an acting workshop in Royal Oak. (Published 8/12/2009).
  • Susan Jane Gilman - Interview with Susan Jane Gilman, revered memoirist and one of my all-time favorite writers. (Published 3/26/2009).
  • Lisa Lampanelli - Interview with foul-mouthed comedian Lisa Lampanelli. (Published 3/17/2009).
  • Alanis Morrisette - Interview with Alanis Morrisette; you oughta know who she is! (Har har). (Published 9/30/2008).
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